Base Line Principles of Pilates Exercise

1:1 Five week Foundation course

The Base Line Principles of Pilates exercises are the elements that form the foundation of a mindful approach to exercise. All of the elements are taught on a one to one basis to facilitate the learning of good movement patterns and to establish good posture and core stability.

The benefit of a Mindful approach to Pilates exercise results in a body which moves freely with less tension and a mind which is more present in the movement.

This approach considers and utilises our knowledge of neuroscience to help solve movement problems and create exercises that use the three subsystems of motor control. Your muscles form the Active System, they learn patterns of movement from your brain. This is called muscle memory engram. We have known for many years that “The brain thinks in terms of whole motions not individual muscles”(Irwin M Corr 1976) The Passive System is made up of bones, joint capsules, cartilage, fascia, tendons and ligaments. We know the health of the connective tissue in our body is a crucial element for healthy, pain-free movement and good posture. The Nervous System provides you with sensory information of where your body parts are in space. When all of the systems are healthy they work together like an orchestra which evolves into a wonderful balanced sound. Physical injury, surgery and mental stress interfere with this balance and the body develops tension in the muscles, perception of pain increases and you feel unwell and anxious.

This course is ideal for people who are:

New to Pilates Exercise

Have joined a class and are unsure of how to engage their deep abdominal muscles.

Recovering from injury and have been advised to strengthen their ‘Core’.

Need to pre-hab before surgery and for those needing post-rehabilitation.

Wanting to improve their sports performance.

Improve their knowledge and understanding of Pilates exercise and get the most out of their Pilates, Yoga, Strength training, Nordic walking, Cycling, Swimming and Gym work.

Base line principles you will be taught are:

Concentration – a complete awareness of every movement so that you feel the movement itself and are totally aware.

Alignment – A deeper awareness of where your body is in space to correctly align your body in movement.

Breathing – Breathing wide into the rib cage for a lateral breath to aid the abdominal muscles ,along with the diaphragm and intercostal muscles to stabilise the spine.

Relaxation – Using the breath to reduce tension and inappropriate bracing in the body to aid better concentration, alignment, breathing and centring.

Centring – Maintaining a strong centre (Core) as you move and breathe to create support for the spine and control movement and balance.

Co-ordination – To co-ordinate movement with breath and utilise the connective tissue which forms slings around the body for better posture, movement and flow.

Flowing movements – Avoid bracing, clenching and gripping in the body, learning to flow and move without undue stress and tension.

Stamina – Challenge the deep abdominals to build their endurance to support the body, creating good posture and a relaxed spine.

Contact Bridgette on 07976917569 to book your appointment. Due to the nature of the course it is very important to attend all 5 weeks consecutively. Should you not be able to attend for any reason 48 hours notice is required.