Pilates for back pain

Clinical Pilates exercise for the management of low back pain.

Back pain can be aggravated by many daily activities; bad posture, poor movement patterns, bending or twisting, standing and sitting for long periods, incorrect lifting techniques and carrying or pulling heavy loads.

It is crucial that individuals with back pain receive the correct Clinical Pilates exercises. This should be based on a comprehensive postural analysis and health screening to provide the best recovery programme. However, very often people will be given basic stretches to perform which may initially feel good but are not an effective long term solution. It has been shown that static stretching of spinal ligaments may result in muscle spasms and reduce the protective action of the stretch reflex (McGill 2004).

It is important to realise that muscles work together to produce movement, and not in isolation one from the other.

“The spinal cord is the keyboard on which the brain plays when it calls for activity. But each key in the console sounds not an individual tune, such as the contraction of a particular group of muscle fibres, but a whole symphony of motion…The brain thinks in terms of whole motions not individual muscles”
(Irwin M Corr 1976)

My rehabilitative strategy for you will provide:

  • An initial consultation and a comprehensive postural assessment to identify muscle imbalance and weakness, faulty recruitment of muscles, poor movement and breathing patterns.
  • Specific training in core stability for trunk stabilisation, the re-education of pelvic floor muscles, and the strengthening and toning of the abdominal and spinal muscles.
  • A bespoke exercise programme designed specifically to address and reduce your back pain, tone and strengthen muscles and improve postural awareness.
  • Training in self-myofascial release (SMR) work to enable greater flexibility within the connective tissue (the myofascia) to aid muscle balance and reduce pain.
  • Advice and guidance regarding ergonomic issues in all areas; work, sports, driving, sleeping and hobbies.
  • Pain management techniques, including enhanced breathing and postural awareness.

The training I provide is one-to-one and totally confidential. I offer a professional service, using the latest evidence based research to promote the best possible outcome for your recovery.

My job is to teach you how to look after your body so that it can perform at its best, and enable you to be fit and mobile into old age. Your job (as my client) is to ask lots of questions in order to learn more about how to manage your back pain.