Pilates for poor posture

Corrective exercise for postural pain and discomfort.

There are many factors which can have an impact on your posture. The way you sit, stand, carry, and lift, and indeed, any repetitive movement will alter your body’s muscle balance. Your body will develop compensation patterns, muscles will become tense and sore, others will weaken and functioning without pain becomes difficult.

You are more likely to develop back, neck and shoulder pain if you sit or stand incorrectly at your work station, or spend long hours driving a car. A stressful job or poor movement patterns in daily life and in sporting activities will also contribute to pain and discomfort. If you stand and sit with a collapsed posture this will increase stress over both hip joints and lower back, make you hunch your shoulders up to your ears and breathe shallowly. This, over time will result in a painful lower back, tight shoulder and neck muscles, fatigue and poor sleep patterns, leading to tiredness, pain and discomfort.

I will teach you how to improve your posture through:

  • An initial consultation including a comprehensive postural assessment to identify faulty recruitment of muscles affecting spinal alignment, walking gait and functional movement.
  • Appropriate progressive flexibility and strengthening exercises and a home programme to restore functional movement and alignment.
  • Identifying ergonomic solutions in order to address incorrect movement and static postures associated with daily living. We will correct driving, lifting, sitting and standing positions and improve movement patterns to aid better sports performance.