Easy steps to Mindfulness!

Throughout the day we rush from one job to another, a meeting here and a meeting there, cooking a meal, shopping, picking the kids up from school, it goes on and on until, exhausted we drop into bed.

Winter Blues

As the nights get colder and the days get shorter the urge to hunker down, keep warm, eat comfort food and stay indoors gets stronger.

Look up, re-connect and smile!

We are living in a world where social media makes it easy for us to connect virtually to one another around the world, and yet we are missing out on being engaged and present with each other in our real lives.

Pressing the “pause button” and nurturing Stillness.

Hands up who feels guilty taking time to nurture themselves? When did you last take the time to watch a bee gather nectar, listen to bird song, be creative or just sit still?

Mindful Coffee

When was the last time you noticed your cup of coffee? No, I mean really noticed how it felt in your mouth, its wonderful aroma, the delicious taste, and were you aware of the cup or mug in your hand with its warm and comforting shape.