Peaks and Troughs

The process of recovery from a physical injury affects people in different ways.

Use it or lose it!

I’m often asked, “Am I to old to practice Pilates?” or “I’m in my 50’s, do you think I’m to old for this sort of exercise?”

Captured by the Screen.

We spend hours a day at our computers, smart phones and i-pads, unaware of the tension developing in our muscles.

Lighten the load

Hauling around those extra pounds day after day puts strain on your back muscles and joints. Losing a few can reduce the load and make a significant difference to back and joint pain.

Stand up straight, reduce your back pain and feel good!

We know that we don’t always do the things that are good for us. We know that those chocolates and second glass of wine aren’t going to do our waist line any favours, but boy, does it make us feel good!

The Core Stability Myth

In ‘The Times’ Newspaper (Tues Aug 10th 2010) the article ‘The core stability myth’ was published in the Health and Families section.
The following article is in response to this. It is here on the well being page in order for you to read and to have an opportunity to respond to ‘The Times’ if […]

Restore Body and Mind

Becoming more aware of your breathing can be invaluable to improving your health and well being. All too often we sit for long hours at the computer and our breathing becomes shallow.