I gain great satisfaction from working with my clients and being part of their recovery. I have been proud and humbled to receive the following testimonials.

What my Clients say:

Following an Avascular Necrosis to the the left hip, my son Joseph (15 years old) had major hip surgery in July 2012. He started working with Bridgette in the October. How lucky we were to find Bridgette!! She has shown such commitment to Joseph’s rehabilitation and has been incredibly supportive throughout. Because of the progress Joseph has made he avoided further major surgery again this year; his consultant was extremely pleased with his progress and range of function. This was due in no small part to Bridgette’s skill and expertise. We still have some way to go but proof of how far Joseph has come can be found in that in May 2013 he qualified as a PADI junior scuba diver in Lanzarote!!
Joseph’s Mum!


Before Bridgette started helping me with my shoulder I really had no idea what to do. I was in pain the whole time and could not do my job as a dive instructor properly. All the GP did was give me pain killers. Thanks to the sessions with Bridgette and the exercises she gave me to do I can now work again normally and without pain. I really don´t know what shape I would be in if it weren’t for her helping me. She is very committed, very knowledgeable and a very nice person!
Marian de Jongh Swemer - www.divecollegelanzarote.com


Hi, My name is Mark Grogan, and I am the Chairman of a local Business in Derby called Chartwell.

Early 2014 I had the pleasure of meeting with Bridgette Bradley. I felt the need, having just reached 50 years old, to start to get a better understanding of relaxation and how better to improve my health, longevity & wellbeing.

I started Bridgette’s programme with a very open attitude, and quickly grasped the benefits of the interaction between exercise and breathing, something  I would never of believed in until I tried it.  My state of wellbeing had an amazing shift of positivity from how I was functioning prior to meeting Bridgette. Her B.R.E.A.T.H. method has completely altered my physical and mental wellbeing. The huge upside here is that once you have grasped the process it will enable you to keep yourself in line for the rest of your life,  all that you require is an open mind and a good amount of willingness.

I would like to add that Bridgette is one of the most discrete and endearing people that I have ever had the pleasure in meeting. Her range of professional attributes are incredible, with each one delivered with clarity and expertise.

I cannot recommend Bridgette enough; she is the perfect navigator in a very hectic World.
Mark Grogan - Chartwell


I have suffered with severe back pain and degeneration of my discs for several years which resulted in me needing surgery in July 2013. The surgery was designed to help reduce my pain but due to the degeneration of my dics would never eliminate my pain. My physiotherapist suggested taking some individual Pilates lessons to support my recover and to help manage my condition.

13 weeks after surgery and with only a small change in my overall condition I turned to Bridgette and although I was sceptical before my first lesson I could instantly understand why it would help. I have now been taking lessons for 8 months and have seen some real improvements. My back feels stronger and I can now stand and walk for long periods of time without suffering the debilitating pain I had before.

I have and would recommend Bridgette to anyone who wants to prevent or support a back related issue.
John Litchfield 28/05/2014


My Personal Assistant, Clare, has been attending Pilates sessions with Bridgette for almost 3 years, following diagnosis of a lumber scoliosis. Bridgette came to the office to advise on Clare’s seating position at her desk and the ergonomics of the equipment she uses on a daily basis. I’d already heard a lot about Bridgette from Clare, and so was very pleased to finally meet with her.

Bridgette was very professional in her approach, but friendly and approachable, and it was obvious to see the knowledge and expertise she has on these matters. Following Bridgette’s visit we undertook the changes she advised, and after a period of adjustment Clare seems to be off and running again, quite literally these days too.

From the changes I have witnessed in Clare over the last 3 years, with now being able to manage any flare ups with her back, but more obviously her overall fitness, which is due to her dedication to her Pilates exercises and Bridgette’s expertise and guidance, I certainly would not hesitate in recommending anyone to Bridgette.
Trevor Raybould BSc FRICS


“I was referred to Bridgette Bradley in mid 2013 suffering from debilitating  lower back pain that was affecting most of my day to day activities, including cycling. I undertook a course of one on one sessions with Bridgette supplemented with an exercise regime she gave to do at home. I was able to recognise significant improvement in my mobility reasonably early on in the process. My recovery was not helped by an cycling accident at Christmas in which I fractured my pelvis and collar bone. However, it was clear that the Pilates exercises I was doing before and since the accident, have been of immeasurable help in restoring me to almost 100% fitness. I now attend weekly classes with Bridgette and maintain a regular exercise regime at home. Needless to say I am now a total convert to Pilates and would highly recommend Derbyshire Pilates”

Nigel – Keen cyclist and Pilates convert!


Working with Bridgette over the last couple of years has been extremely beneficial to my health, of that there is no doubt. My job involves a lot of driving (approximately 30,000 miles a year) , a fair bit of time writing at a computer and the bulk of my time involves a lot of standing, lecturing to large groups of people. I’m in my early sixties and I suppose you might say that’s quite a punishing routine for someone my age. If it weren’t for the support I get from Bridgette I would certainly struggle physically. I see Bridgette most weeks, and the first thing she does is assess the damage! And, most significantly sets about sorting me out. Quite often I arrive with my shoulders up to my ears and my stance all skew whiff as driving tends to twist our bodies somewhat out of shape. I have lower back pain too which she fixes through a custom built programme of exercise on my visits and supports with a programme of regular work to do myself. Bridgette’s expertise is remarkable and within an hour, under her gentle guidance in the beautiful, calm environment of her studio I am regularly transformed! I swear I sometimes leave two inches taller! I am very grateful for her support and tremendous skills, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone.

Gary Wilson Education Consultant and Author – ‘Raising Boys’ Achievement.


Hi Bridgette

My friend and I did the 5K “Race for Life” yesterday on Darley Park (we went within the fast walkers/joggers group…and sprinted the last 50 meters)…something I wouldn’t have envisaged doing even last year…I’ve attached a photo (actually taken in Trevor’s garden after the race J)…and one of me on the Camel Trail between Padstow and Wadebridge at the beginning of the month (which was 11K)

As you know I love doing my exercises and the walking is definitely complementing them too…and the benefits are just brilliant, not only in reducing/eliminating the pain, but I now feel toned too which is a massive bonus!  Growing up I always exercised, and liked to keep fit, but my exercises now are certainly the right ones for me and I’m looking forward to learning lots more in the future.

Thank you!


I was introduced to Derbyshire Pilates by a colleague following a back injury caused by playing golf.

At the first consultation I was very impressed with the expertise, knowledge and understanding Bridgette had and the plan we agreed to put in place to aid my recovery. Following regular consultations the plan has worked and allowed me to resume playing golf to the same level. I highly recommend Bridgette and Derbyshire Pilates for their professionalism, knowledge and understanding and will continue with Derbyshire Pilates for my general wellbeing.

In 2006 I experienced a disc prolapse in my lumbar region, and subsequently had surgery to correct the problem. After almost I year I had resumed normal activities, which included jogging, cycling, and Tae Kwon Do. In the latter I went on to become a 2nd Dan Black Belt and instructor.

In early 2012 I experienced another disc prolapse, again in the lumbar region, albeit on a different disc. Once again I had surgery to correct the problem. My consultant described the re-occurrence as very unlucky.

As part of my recovery post the second prolapse I started to consider what I could do to prevent another unlucky episode in the future. Pilates was often recommended, and I then discovered Bridgette.

During my initial consultation Bridgette successfully articulated and demonstrated to me what she felt my issues were. It was clear to me during that session that Bridgette’s job is also her personal passion. I concluded that consultation confident that some one-to-one sessions with Bridgette would be a positive enhancement to my ongoing rehabilitation.

During my time with Bridgette I have learnt (and continue to learn) the importance of core stability and ensuring that muscles that should provide core stability are doing what the exist to do; freeing up other muscles to perform the function they exist to do. I considered myself to have a good level of fitness already, so it surprised me how challenging I found some of the exercises. Just because it isn’t high intensity doesn’t mean it’s easy! I was able to see an improvement early on in my treatment, and continue to reap the benefits both in my martial art and everyday life.
Jamie Cameron – Littleover Tae Kwon Do


I have been working with Bridgette now for a year and I started seeing her following qualifying to play on the European Seniors Golf Tour. The stresses and strains on my body through the increased level of competitive golf were having detrimental effects.

Since working with Bridgette on my Pilates the positive effect on my body has been amazing. I feel 15 years younger as I have increased flexibility, balance and power and the little injuries I was getting earlier on in the season have now gone. My body is much more in balance and the feeling of well being is incredible. It has allowed me to compete at the highest level, injury free, resulting in an increased confidence and belief. I just feel healthier!!!

Bridgette’s knowledge and professionalism is first class. Throughout all our sessions she has explained the benefits and effects of each exercise giving me an understanding and more importantly for me, a self-awareness of my body.
Paul Wesselingh – European Senior Tour Competitor.


Thank you for all of the wonderful Pilates sessions during 2009, as well as your continued support and counsel during these sessions.

- Tiziana


I Just want to thank you for all your support over the past year. I couldn’t have done it without you – really. You are the BEST teacher and mentor. I know I have a huge amount to learn and I look forward to learning it from you. Thank you too for all my Pilates lessons – I always look forward to them and leave feeling better than when I arrived. – Wendy

Thank you for another year of teacheing me Pilates. I know I walk much better thanks to you and if I can just keep my shoulders down I might just get my body in good order!
- Sue


Dear Bridgette,

This is just a note to say a BIG THANKYOU for all our lessons. I wanted to let you know that this summer I had a 3 month pain free period and I felt like a new person! I am walking for 20 minutes everyday as well as cycling 40 miles a week and doing my weekly Pilates class which you recommended. You were so important to me when I was in such a lot of pain and your lessons and advice have been life changing. Your were the light at the end of my very long dark tunnel!

So a heartfelt thank you for your patience, understanding, superb teaching, advice, common sense and approachability!
I hope your business grows from strength to strength so others can benefit from a little bit of your magic!
- Laura

Just over a year ago I had a total knee replacement operation to both knees. The operation was a complete success but after many years of not being able to walk properly due to the pain, I was struggling to regain a normal walking pattern. I was recommended to do Pilates to strengthen my legs and also recommended to Bridgette Bradley. In the comparatively short time that I have been doing Pilates I feel much stronger in my legs. I can now walk properly thanks to Bridgette and her encouragement.

- Sue


As a beauty therapist I was suffering from constant bad back, but since starting Pilates classes with Bridgette that has all changed, and as long as I follow my personal program Bridgette has set for me, I no longer find back ache a problem. I feel taller, my waist is smaller and I recommend Pilates to all my clients.

- Sarah.


I am a Hatha Yoga teacher who is often asked which is more beneficial Yoga or Pilates? Of which there is no straightforward answer. It depends on what the individual wishes to gain from their own practice, and how much they are willing to practice.

In my own personal practice I have found that the Pilates programmes designed for me by Bridgette, have helped enormously with my yoga practice and teaching. My core strength has increased, allowing better balance, protecting me from injuries.

I would not hesitate in recommending Pilates to my students, because I am sure that they would soon realize the many benefits and like me enjoy both yoga and Pilates.
- Jo


I started Pilates with Bridgette two years ago to stave off the effects of old age! She has however done much more than stretch and strengthen my tired muscles. A shoulder injury prevented me from playing tennis and golf and I eventually underwent an operation. After that my weakened shoulder would not allow me to lift my arm, reach into cupboards or hang out washing (amongst other things). I was referred to a physio and persevered for a long time without progress. Bridgette HELP! She gave me exercises, advice and help and over a period of months my arm came back into life and I can now swing a golf club better than I did before.

Dare I also talk about my back problem! For the last few weeks my back has been painful and sore due to gardening too enthusiastically. Bridgette has helped me look at a new way of doing things, stances, postures and using my common sense to do daily routines and chores without creating the strains and stresses on my back, which put me out of action and also caused pain.

All the exercises are gently, the sessions relaxing. If you have a problem or just want a sense of well being – ring Bridgette, she will help!
- Ross


Dear Bridgette,

I would like to thank you for all the help you have given me in getting back my cycling fitness after injuring my back. In January 2006 I was only able to cycle about 20 miles without being in pain. This year I have cycled over 3000 miles and I am planning to cycle from Lands End to John O’Groats in 14 days.
I am also pleased with the help you have given to many of my patients, especially those who were coming back with recurring problems every few weeks. Now I see these patients for checkups only or not at all.
Pilates is definitely complementary to the work I do as an Osteopath. I have no hesitation in referring my patients on to you for assessment and rehabilitation of their core stability.
Thank you again.
- Joy Potts, Registered Osteopath.