Mindfulness at Derbyshire Pilates

Making a move to manage stress and anxiety

Stress is a threat to physical and psychological well-being and can have a major negative impact on our quality of life. The major cause of stress today is work related, and this stress in turn affects home life and relationships. Long term stress suppresses the immune response system and leads to ill health. 

I aim to provide you with:

  • Education about our physiological response to stress and anxiety, and how this leads to physical and psychological illness.
  • Effective exercise and breathing methods to reduce stress levels which will help you cope with stress and function better at work and home.
  • Skills to improve your breathing and tuition in the practice of mindful meditation to restore concentration, creativity, energy levels, and to develop a more balanced body and mind.
  • Appropriate exercises to reduce restriction at the chest, shoulders and neck to aid breathing, and so reduce blood pressure, anxiety, tiredness and poor concentration.