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Understanding your Pain!!

The study of pain has advanced considerably over the past 50 years thanks to neuroscience.

Lumbar Spine Anatomy

If you suffer from low back pain here’s a video to help you visualise that part of your body and how it all fits together to mobilise you in everyday life.

Low back pain by Dr Mike Evans

Back pain is one of the top two reasons people visit their doctors, and whilst it can get better with time, it can also develop into a chronic vulnerability.

Plan an adventure and make it happen!!

Life is about creating yourself, identifying the key changes you need to make right now can bring you closer to fulfilling your potential.

Easy steps to Mindfulness!

Throughout the day we rush from one job to another, a meeting here and a meeting there, cooking a meal, shopping, picking the kids up from school, it goes on and on until, exhausted we drop into bed.

Look up, re-connect and smile!

We are living in a world where social media makes it easy for us to connect virtually to one another around the world, and yet we are missing out on being engaged and present with each other in our real lives.

Captured by the Screen.

We spend hours a day at our computers, smart phones and i-pads, unaware of the tension developing in our muscles.

Lighten the load

Hauling around those extra pounds day after day puts strain on your back muscles and joints. Losing a few can reduce the load and make a significant difference to back and joint pain.

Pressing the “pause button” and nurturing Stillness.

Hands up who feels guilty taking time to nurture themselves? When did you last take the time to watch a bee gather nectar, listen to bird song, be creative or just sit still?

Don’t get dragged down by the worry worms.

Do you worry that you have lost your way in life, or never even found it in the first place?