Find out how Derbyshire Pilates can help both body & mind

A complete mind and body approach, focusing on Clinical Pilates Methods to provide specialist rehabilitation exercise and stress management techniques to help individuals reduce pain and daily stress.

Your first visit to the studio derbyshire pilates

The Studio

Personal Rehabilitation Courses

I have designed my workplace to be light and airy and to offer a comfortable yet motivating environment. I aim to help people feel at ease and to teach them to work with their bodies and achieve results to gain strength, stamina, flexibility, reduce chronic pain and improve their range of movement.

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Your First Visit derbyshire Pilates

Your First Visit

Consultation and Assessment Process

On your initial visit I will analyse your posture, and assess how it is influencing the way you move, possibly exacerbating any problems you are experiencing.

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About Bridgette Derby Pilates

Bridgette’s Qualifications

And experience

Following my University studies, I learned how psychological stress manifests itself in the body. I founded Derbyshire Pilates in 1999, incorporating a mind and body approach into my work, and found it to have a profound, positive effect on my clients’ wellbeing.

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joseph pilates

What is Pilates

Connecting body & mind

The Pilates method is not merely an exercise regime for conditioning the body. It intrinsically connects body and mind.

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Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

Making a move to manage stress and anxiety

Here I would like to share with you my clients’ experiences of what it’s like to work with Derbyshire Pilates and the results we gain together.

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Latest From Health Matters

  • understanding-pain-lumber

Understanding your Pain!!

The study of pain has advanced considerably over the past 50 years thanks to neuroscience.

Lumbar Spine Anatomy

If you suffer from low back pain here’s a video to help you visualise that part of your body and how it all fits together to mobilise you in everyday life.

Low back pain by Dr Mike Evans

Back pain is one of the top two reasons people visit their doctors, and whilst it can get better with time, it can also develop into a chronic vulnerability.

What Clients Say

How lucky we were to find Bridgette!! She has shown such commitment to Joseph’s rehabilitation and has been incredibly supportive throughout.
Joseph's Mum
My back feels stronger and I can now stand and walk for long periods of time without suffering the debilitating pain I had before. I have and would recommend Bridgette to anyone who wants to prevent or support a back related issue.
John Litchfield
Bridgette was very professional in her approach, but friendly and approachable, and it was obvious to see the knowledge and expertise she has on these matters.
Trevor Raybould, FRICS
It was clear that the Pilates exercises I was doing before and since the accident, have been of immeasurable help in restoring me to almost 100% fitness.
Nigel, Keen cyclist and Pilates convert!

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